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The silent sea awakens
to the Tempest wailing roar.
Sand and foam washes debris
on the crimson shore, what storms
Shaking on the horizons gleams
A lost cause vanished in the seams.

Nature's way is relentless has no conscious
Or restrictions. It fairs with cold convictions.
Life holds on to the ravage bow torn and split
It shudders to the Tempest's  wits and wailing

When Dawn shines through this storm, the violent
Waters will cease to churn, the silent sea will return.
Back to the waters stillness holds, with souls of
That ancient captain lost they're bold, now Neptune's
Fury folds...

Still waters glistening on the bay, the calm has found
It's the day... "Come what, come may" it isn't here to stay.
It only sleeps while Dolphins play...

The mighty Tempest has the last word
To say...
If only the placid sea could stay...
There is no sailing,
 when the mighty Tempest is wailing.


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Tempest Is Wailing