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I spend a lot of my--TIME
writing--- POEMS--- on this little--IPAD--of--MINE

Most of the times
am trying to find and reflect the good great and grand of the best of times--with--sunshine

But as we all know to be true
with every sunshine the skies, turn from bright with delight to sadness and gray too

So, for me
its good here to write my  POEMS  --with--reality--as--my, life, living, and--LOVE--therapy--and-- --BE

I know and understand
that--- POETICALLY, ---it's for me more of a personal--history refectory and diary,that is on hand

And my sincere hope
is that someway some how my simple writings can help another better --C-O-P-E-- when they too are facing troubles turmoil and strifes in their living loves and life, and help, them to better--COPE--mostly--when--they--are--at--the--end--of--their--survival--R-O-P-E

15th of NOVEMBER 2017

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I spend a lot of my time, ON this little IPAD, of mine