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To lose ---WEIGHT--- and KEEP, it, OFF, you need to be smart, --MINDFUL--, and wise
otherwise the same old same old game over and over with the ---WEIGHT--LOSS--- and gain game you will gain it all back again, and usually a little more , with sad surprise

WEIGHT--LOSS---at--FIRST--Its really--NOT--at--the--very-beginning-- all about the--EXERCISE
as much as the right choices times and place, of the exact caloric intake of the right beverages and foods that are --HEALTHY--, smart, and--WISE

EXERCISE, will be --and--BECOME--your,life,  living, and --LOVE----very-VERY-very---BEST--- friend ---habit, -passion---mission-quest-and-goal-and-planned-----ROUTINE
But, first and foremost. The right. Choice.  Has---To, --be--to--eat, and drink, fresh. Organic--perfect, and--CLEAN

One little minor mistake
is as devastating as a major earth quake, when your ---WEIGHT--- can jump up --two to--five--- pounds sadly profoundly--in a minute of the wrong food choice and the wrong time and , the --hurtful--disappointing----INCREASE---- in ---your----WEIGHT---, is a feeling ----------DEVASTATING-and-DEMORALIZING---and--DEEPLY--DEFEATINGLY--DEPRESSINGLY ------so -SO-so---less that --happy--successful--and---outstanding----GREAT-great-GREAT

So, --WE---have --TO--wake--up--and---learn
that from a lone --little--impulsive--quick--mistake your complete bridge do not torch and burn

Just slow but sure get on track
get and maintain your -----MINDFULNESS----- and --get---your--POSITIVE--MOTIVATION--with--your--GREAT--M-O-M-E-N-T-U-M----right--BACK

Its not all about--EXERCISE
at first about losing your ---WEIGHT---as much as it is with your ---HEALTHY--- correct caloric and beverage choices, and your--MINDFULNESS, at it's-----very-VERY-very----- BEST--and being very smart--educated--knowledgable--upbeat--  precise---HIP--and----WISE

15th of NOVEMBER 2017

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To lose weight and KEEP, it Off, you Need to be wise