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We make and create our --own--REALITY
of what success, or failure we want to be

The fact of the matter, with us all, you and me, is that in our life, living, and LOVE, we will decide and will create our own great or sad REALITY
for we have the strength, stamina and endurance to create and to make what every--GREATNESS--that we wish, and DREAM--to--BE

With--REALITY--and, with an ---IRON--WILL---we can swim from sea to --SEA
with an ---IRON--WILL---, we can be and  become, and  can wish, dream, and--hope--and--- pray -to -be-----ANYTHING-anything-ANYTHING------we, want to be--with--a--vision, mission, quest and goal,---positive--motivating---- REALITY

18th of NOVEMBER 2017

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We make, and create our reality