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Hold onto your MOMENTUM
as it's as worthy as a priceless --GEM

with, natural, MOTIVATION, you, are going to succeed, and flourish, successfully, in every--RACE

When your--MOMENTUM--falls, wayward, slips, slides, and fades-away, and gets LOST
reach down and get --MOTIVATED--get, back your--POSITIVE--MOMENTUM--at--any--price, and--COST

When you lose your --MOMENTUM--your, get up and go, and, your--MOTIVATION--gets--LOST
all, your hard work, dedication, determination, without--POSITIVE--MOMENTUM--with--dedication, and MOTIVATION, can and will be lost with every wish, hope, prayer--and--DREAM--TOSSED

To have and hold onto your POSITIVE--MOMENTUM
is the key to great--SUCCESS--second--to--N-O-N-E

18th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Hold onto your MOMENTUM