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What we are THINKING
will cause us to be swimming, and winning, or losing and sinking

Our THOUGHTS will become our actions, or in-actions
which will determine the outcome if we lost or won

Our WORDS will decide
if positively  or negatively, we, sail, and soar, or crash, burn, And--POSITIVELY--GLIDE--or--NEGATIVELY---down---S-L-I-D-E

Our ACTIONS--or--IN-ACTIONS-- will--decide
just exactly, and matter of factly--our--true--character,--rather--it--be-- weak,--or--strong----with--TRUE--GRIT--or, wishy, washy,-untrusting--selfish--pride

What we are THINKING, with our THOUGHTS, our --HEART-INTENTIONS--and--the--WORDS--that--we--speak--and--the---ACTIONS----or--the----IN-ACTIONS----that-we--SEEK
will determine our--TRUE--GRIT--and--CHARACTER--rather--good, great, and GRAND------strong----or----meek------or-------W-E-A-K

18th of NOVEMBER 2017

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