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Every extreme, HIGH, and every extreme, LOW
our LOVING, GOD, shines within us with--GREAT-GLOW

At, our greatest, success,  at it's--extreme--BEST
The LORD, is proud of us, when humbly with grace and style, we pass the --TEST

At our, most devastating, low, of---LOWS
the LORD, is, proud,  of us,when SURRENDERINGLY, and faithfuly, with hope we PRAY, and LOVINGLY--at--our--MOST-DEVASTATINGLY--LOWS--still, with, GOD, in --HEART--we--smile--positively--and--Our--HEART--Stays-FAITHFUL--and--TRUE--shines--and--GLOWS

19th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Every extreme HIGH, and Every, extreme-LOW