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Where I, GO, I, GO, with--THEE
faithfully, and lovingly, completely, elitely,happy, and --FREE

When I walk, talk, pray, and stay with--THEE
in my,life, living, and LOVE, great, BLESSINGS, beautifully,will, naturally come to ME

Where ever I, GO, I, GO, with, HE
our--LOVING, almighty--GOD, the, ever, LOVING--THEE

When, simply,---WE--- WALK, TALK, S-T-A-Y, and--PRAY--with--THEE--the--almighty--GREAT--GOD--HE
in,---OUR---life, living, and--LOVE, for this ---WE---know, that, HE,  the--GOOD-GREAT--and--GRAND--LOVING-LOVING-LOVING--almighty--GOD--greatly, elitely,and abundantly---WILL, beautifully, blessedely--BLESS--us--ALL--YOU--and---ME

20th of NOVEMBER 2017

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Where I GO, I, GO, with THEE