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A make-believe world. 
Tales of passions,
Tales of mystery
Tales of magical
Ancient history...

King George in the Dragons Den
He picks up is mighty Sword,
I picks up the mighty Pen.
I close my eyes and count 
To ten.
I see the Kings battle, once

In the cave, stood a King so brave,
His heroic efforts, his people were
Saved, not a minute sooner, he took 
The Dragons head, the monster lies

How about King Midas, his golden
Touch, his greed took his seed, his 
Loving family sits on a shelf, regretting
Now, of only thinking of his self.

A make-believe world is a creation 
That symbolic, be it bravery or greed
It empowers the morals that we read.
The Hunger of adventure that we need
To feed. 

So in life's garden, we pluck the weeds
To plant the vibrant flower seeds.
As long as we know how make belief
Goes, the hidden meaning is...
Destine to show, in an enchanting glow..

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Make Believe World