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What is thankful?
A grateful heart,is
Warmth from the start.

A blessing shared
To those who have
Cared, knows what
Thankful can be...
On days like this..
We see..

Joining hands in prayers
knowing that the table
Is not bare.
having the ability
To share.

Knowing what thankful is,
and is not,
is years of knowing
We live what we sought.

Yes, family and friends, 
Joyful times that we spend,
Hoping those moments, never

In times of sorrows, and grief
Open arms can bring relief...
Together with love, those
Sad moment become brief..

It's better seen, then heard..
It's knowing, "Thankful" is more
Than a word.. and
In joy, or sorrwo and strife
"Thankful," can be the .....
foundation of life.

I'm so Thankful, to be 
Here, today, in each and 
Every way....
(Happy, and safe Thanksgiving Day)

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What is Thankful?