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Days end. China back on the shelf.
Time to take time for myself...
In my mind the thoughts of each
Family face, the heads that bow
As their Father says Grace..
This fresh memory finds it's place..
For all the love and hope, unfolds
It's trace...

Two empty chairs this year, family
We've lost, tears and loneliness I 
I feel the cost, Elizabeth, and Nancy
Now at rest, they gave life their very
Best, in my heart they remain, I know
They are free from pain.

I write my thoughts at the end of day
Then my prayers I begin to say....
Alone with Gods attention,  I slowly
Let go of any tentsion....
Days such as this, are sealed with
A hug and a kiss, there is  no detail
I miss..

Thankful for my family and friends
My love for them will not end...
My mind stays full with the busy
Festivities of this holiday, enjoying
The peace, as I unwind, 
Finding the stillness of another kind....
Solitude nows enters my mind..

End of day, a trickle down of
Work and play, a silent moment
As I pray, Thank You Lord, for
For this Day.... 
The hope of tomorrow, lights the

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