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For, every, a many, many, set backs, and--DEFEAT
that one moment, of. SUCCESS, complete, was, OUTSTANDING, unforgettable, great, and--ELITE

The strength, to, PRESERVERS, push on, stay, focused, motivated--and--ENDURE--every, set back, troubles, challenges, changes, twist and --TURN
when, that, very, moment of  SUCCESS complete, with, OUTSTANDING, ----feelings,-- of, --feeling,---- greatness and elite, is the best,-- feelings --ever, ---EARNED

For, every, slip, fall, disappointment, and set-back
its just such, of--a --BLESSED--wonderful, feeling--when, from hard diligent work, SUCCESS, comes on, track

For, the thousands and thousands of --set, backs, -- short falls,-- and--FAILURES
the greatest SUCCESSES, come from, never giving up, and always staying focused as--full,-- speed ahead--with motivation----And--steadfast----PRESERVERS

By john d JUNGERS
 27th of NOVEMBER 2017

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For EVERY,many, and, many, a, set back, and DEFEAT