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For the better GOOD
to, build Our, house, out of straw, sticks, or wood, to be safe, and secure, to build outta rock, and sturdy lasting enduring thick brick--we--know that we should

For the BETTER, good
to, show all, others especially, our--ELDERS--DIGNITY--and--RESPECT--we, know, that we--SHOULD

For, the, better--GOOD
our, GOOD, caring--HEART-INTENTIONS--to, others, we wished that--US--they--UNDERSTOOD

For, the good, and, BETTER, and, best
our, great, intentions with others we HOPE, is, appreciated, respected, more not. LESS

For the good, and Better, and--BEST
we, would hope, that our good, heart, intentions, are appreciated and--with--PEACE--and--HAPPINESS--we--can--REST

 28 th of NOVEMBER 2017

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For the BETTER good