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"Grandma is Santa making toys?"
" I hope so Ellie, but Santa's helpers
Work very hard, they build the toys, 
For girls and boys."
Little Ellie's eye's we're open wide...
Her face was all a glow, standing at 
The window watching the freshness
Of falling snow.

Running with her arms held high, she
She giggles, and dances around,  "Here
Comes Santa Clause," her favorite sound..
Singing somewhat out of tune, spinning
In the living room..
" Come on Grandma spin with me, come 
Look at my Christmas tree! "

I read her stories, of Christmas cheer, she
Softly close her eyes, Dreaming of festive
Fun, watching Reindeer on the run...
Christmas music in the air, a plate of cookies
She choose to share. 

Waking now she checks to see if there still stands
The Christmas tree..
She smiles, she release her sighs, her joyous nature,
Gluides, and flies, bringing warmth in snow filled skies,
A child's Look at Christmas, viewing it's Garland as Paradise.

The magic fills these day's with warmth and charms, my
Granddaughter's finds my open arms, her whispers echoes
All around, that, "Santa is coming to town"
So she jumps to the floor and proceeds
To dance around...."Yes, Santa is coming to town.."
This is the joy of the season, upside-down frowns,
It's best reasons..

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