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Night turns the darkness into many sorrows
My open eyes need rest, yet my heart is heavy
When day appears it is not always a welcome
Sight due to my restless night.
Pulling strength is a skill,
in these days of season's darkness.
I believe, that, this
Skill is driven with" will".

I've seen and lived through times of war, 
and it's times of great lost.
Knowing fully it's ultimate cost...
So often, it is the wounded that
Carry the wounded....
It is the wounded that understand,
and usually the first to hold out their hand..

It is in this silent hours of recall,
I stand with those,
Who stood by my side through
It all.......
When the battlefields are in the past....
When peace has found it's way at last.
A fire will still burn within....
because with war...
no one..
Ever wins...

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Nights are Restless