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When another they are trying to do you WRONGER
you, have to stand your ground and be STRONGER

Not with hate or discontent
but to be STRONGER, through, PRAYER, and with, HOPE, and FAITH, and LOVE, on the path ahead ,----H-U-M-B-L-Y--- sent--with--UNDERSTANDINGS--and --no --resent

When disagreement, and grievences, take place
it leaves in a persons heart a bad feeling and taste

Because really, life it's just too short
to be harsh mean and judgementally rude and --Show--hate--discontent--and--ABORT

For ---LOVE,---compassion---,with, ---COURAGE--to--FORGIVE---and-to be gracious kind and -----respectful-RESPECTFUL-respectful----, as we should know ---IS----the time tested------E-X-A-M-P-L-E
how to ---L-I-V-E--- a happy, healthy, long , life--complete--elite--and--FULL

When others --even-family-friend-or-FOE--they, are trying--TO-- put you under and do you--WRONGER
let the--GOOD--LORD--be,--your-- almighty ---STRENGTH-- at --GREAT--, LENGTH-- and ---F-I-G-H-T--your -----------every -EVERY-every----------battle----STRONGER


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When another is trying to do you WRONGER