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Little Billy, was a quiet boy
He was subjected to the schools
Bully, day after day, but Billy was
Quiet and would not, say, of the bullying
That happened each day...

One day as he walked home, he seen
The Bully stuck on the train track....
He walked over and set him free, 
The trains whistle started to blow
The sigh of relief from the Bully 
Named Joe, he was saved by the
One he tormented so long........
He apologized, and shook his 
Hand strong.

Billy looked him right in the eye,
For the first time he spoke,.    
" You were in danger, I could 
Not leave you to die, that kind of 
Danger is no joke." 
Joe looked to the ground, ashamed
He felt his heart pound,  it was
A close call but Thanks to Billy
They walked away from it all.....

40 years since that day has slipped
Bill and Joe watched each other's 
Family grow ..... 
While this story must come to an end
Of the Bully that became my best friend!

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Unlikely Friend