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Back Street Alley

Twins, a boy named Bob, and his sister Sally.
They had no home, they lived in a back street
Their parents died a month ago, they were all
Alone. Living off scraps, they were skin and

They watch the city dress in holiday light's
The people come and go with arms full
Of gifts. These poor kids were saddened with
Festive sights. Christmas songs filled the
Air, but Bob and Sally, could only stare,
People passing, like they were not there.

Their Aunt and Uncle searched the city
Hoping to find their sister's twins, but 
With no avail, the trail went stale and
They were lost and so alone..no place
To call home.

One day they saw their faces in the
Background of a picture in the news
Paper.. So they searched and found
In the Alley.... stood Bob and Sally.

They brought the children home, and
Gave them their own room, it was a miracle
They were still alive, but somehow they
There was a star that night that filled the
Sky with a  heavenly light.

Twenty years later Bob, And Sally now grew
They provide shelter and meals, for their 
Fellow man, it is a small thing they do, but 
There are Angels that come singing through
In this city of the homeless so blue.
Yes this story is true, two children, now grown
Has to open their hearts and their hands, to the
Homeless and lost, bringing warmth in winters

They have never forgotten that back street
Alley, were there Aunt and Uncle found
Bob and Sally!
Sometimes when you give a little it can
Be a lot, for those who have nothing, a bit
Of comfort is what it's all about.

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Back Street Alley