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The virtues of forgiveness
Is a quality of humankind
A quality we search to find
It begins in the depth of the
Mind, and the still waters of
The soul.

If life becomes an enemy then
Forgiveness will set it free..
If life becomes an empty shell
Then we walk the brim of hell
If days never hold the light
Then night will blend, with 
Day, and many years of lost
Love will await and make it's

Do we see the qualities of compassion,
When we comfort despair, or do we leave
The torment to wonder in the air?
Can we hold the face of joy, if we never
Care? Will the world around us still be 
Know quality when it is lived, thoughts in
Motions with a plan. Know there are many,
Who love there fellow man..

Virtues of quality is with in our reach, a part
Of life that is learned, it is demonstrated, not 
Something we teach..it's is something we know
And in our actions show..
A part that nurtures, it's the way we grow.

So in this world, of love and hate, the choice
We make, will await..
Choose wisely, for it could,
truly seal your fate..

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