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Snow White mounds of winter gather with the hour
As the sky fills with this blizzard shower.
Stillness fills the sleeping day,
as wind walks in rhythms sway.
The Moon has a sleepy glow,
it's eye's glares at the
Falling snow! 
It's quickly Shine's it's eye's
in to this midnight winter paradise.

What holds this scenery through my window's gleam, 
The hope of life in moonlit beams!
A teardrop slowly streams,
in cabin fever restless screams.
A slumber has touched the land,
with satin gloves on open hand.
Each moment creates a picture

In winter's evenings flow, touching not,
the ice or snow,
Stay close to homestead heat
In blankets draping chilly feet.
Resting calming, now counting
Within my dreams, sunshine, steeps...
My eyes behold its peaceful sleep.......

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Behold a Peaceful Sleep