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There was a man who walked in peace..
While others could not make turmoil cease.
In the shadows grew the malice, it over
Ran it's chalice.. 

The Kings son walks the earth, to bring the
Those he saved, to his Fathers Palace..
Redemption in the heart of the brave..
Would defeat the scornful road sin has

The first light cast out the pain, in blessed
Holy rain, so little to lose, but much to gain.
His work is continues in the churches 
Nave... To free the soul once enslaved..

A guiding star, shown bright, his birth presents
His start...
To free the sinners heart.. A babe of immaculate
Conception brought forth mankind's redemption.

This is a time that reminds of his birth, and all
That living has brought forth worth..
I offer a reason for this beautiful season.

Being safe and kind, many days you'll find
Leaving forgiveness to open the eyes once
(A poem I wrote in my sixth year of school a time
when prayer was allowed in school)

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