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This is a tale of destitution.
When a house of cards folded
A sad consequence of retribution...

Left open to the elements around
Homeless, hungry, no rest to be

So I found a place in Central Park,
We're I laid my weary head...
It was in a flash I felt my troubles

An Angel appeared, in flowing robes 
Of silk and lace, with countenance 
Of holy grace....

A gentle warmth filled my heart,  a
Peace like no other, the wings of 
This Angel opened wide, and soon 
Stood by my side...

"You will not suffer any more , we have 
An invite to heavens door, so take my
Hand so we can soar."

Her open wings carried me home, to the
Place where my parted family fairs,
Arrivial in the realm of heartfelt care..

Home of generations past, in God's
Love  and light repairs...
Amung the generations in the Mansions
In the air...

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Mansion in The Air....