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***Castle Tower***(3) Kingdom's Queen

Castle Tower Town was silently sleeping
The tyrant and his Knights were full of wine
In a drunken state, these people will know
Their fate.
The Princess would strike at first light, the
The impact would hit with Legendary might!

The Army circled the kingdom and entered the Gates!
Dawn would bring the Army home in silence they await...
The Tyrants hoard had no clue of attack, but the blood
The line would have it's kingdom back...

A bloody battle raged, the Tyrant King was caught and 
Caged!   Many lost their life a battle within the walls
Seven days long, struck the weak, drunk and strong...
Fires burned the smoke blocked the sun, but the army
Continued to fight, eventually, the war was won...

The Princess sentenced King Tyrant to death, she witnessed
His last breath. 
A Coronation turned the Princess to a Queen, the Kingdom and 
The people within had their home again...

Many years of peace filled the land after the Castle Kingdom made
Their stand, The Queen ruled with an honorable hand.....
She and her people rebuilt a Kingdom Grand...
(So ends the Tale of Castle Tower, a tale of Justice's Legendary

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Castle Tower (3) Kingdom`s Queen