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There was a small cup sitting on the table.
It had hot chocolate and marshmallows
It fit perfect in my hands, and I drank till

Holidays were moving fast, finally I could
Rest, I always give my best, even when put
To the test.
Soft voices in distant rooms, chase away the
Pending gloom.. Laughter lifts it's sounding
Cheer, bring the warmth to the chill, and special

Days are short nights are long, I finish work with
A simple song,  sometimes the tune comes out
I still sing all the same, till work is finish till the
Mess comes tame..

Sitting in my rocking chair, take a breath of air
Resting in gentle care, letting sore feet repair.
Time to read my book, and give it's pages
A, careful look. 

Light the fire let it rise, my book and warmth
Is my Paradise...
When all is done, my eyes drift off to sleepy
Comfort is in the heart so wise.....

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Let the Warmth Rise