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Lily was my cats name! As a kitten
She was fun and games..
She played with our farret name 
Figet, they were two balls of hair fun

Running jumping when they play, passing
The hours away, they are a comical pair,
When they sit side by side in the old rocking
Sounds of our laughter fill the air!

Now Fidget sleeps in a hammock in his home
He lives in a hole with a sparkling dome..
He plays away with Lilly the cat , they're
The best friends that animals can be..
Come see..

Little Ellie my Granddaughter so fun,
Will keep them on the run..
With her giggles and play, they keep
Busy all day, in a mischievous way.

Friends come in many shapes and sizes
Their faces are full of sweet surprises..
When they take a nap, falling asleep in 
In my lap, their energy has brief....
Disguises ....

I'm sure their dreams at night is preparing
For the next days plunder,
Figet, Lily, and Ellie,
Running and jumping
in playful wonder..
Sometimes, they 
Make the sound 
Of rolling thunder..

As little Ellie rubs her eye's they 
Take a rest till fun and play
Again, takes on it's awesome
Sighs. .

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Farret, a Kitten, and Granddaughter`s Fun