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Reflecting,--REFLECTING--Reflecting--- on the PAST,year,from when we sighed, cried,laughed, sang, and--Happily--GRINNED
thinking a back to  this--PAST--2017--year--in, our  life, living , and----LOVE--LOVE-LOVE--of the good, the bad, the sad and the ugly,--of --the Battles that we lost and --DID--TRIUMPHANTLY--WIN-win-WIN

Of--the--greatest-of--times-- of --our---happiest--happiness'es--when we did accomplish our set forth mission,quests and goals-- with --great---success --and----MOTIVATION---and----we----DID-WIN

Reflecting,--REFLECTING--Reflecting--- Recalling and --REMEMBERING
when from ,hurts upsets and arguments our peace love and serenity we -----DID -NOT ---accomplish,----OR----WIN

Reflecting--REFLECTING--Reflecting--- with, Mercy, and GRACE, with Thankfulness
that with GODS, LOVINGNESS--we--were--BLESSED,-at- our-Greatest-and----B-E-S-T

REFLECTING--reflecting--REGLECTING--- on this--PAST--2017--YEAR
and--with--GREAT-HOPE--positively, a setting new GOALS, for this coming NEW-YEAR--with, focus and commitment, with GOD, in  our --LOVING--Faithful--HEART-and---CORNER----in,our , life, living, and --LOVE--with--NO-FEAR

By John d JUNGERS.   30th of DECEMBER. 2017

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REFLECTING--of--the--PAST--year, when, we sighed, cried, laughed sang and Grinned