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It was a day of days!
Sun and sea was still,
Sea Gulls had their fill,
Boats gathered at bay,
For the nautical race
that day.

The smallest ship was the last
To show it's zeal was strong
And real, it had strength and
special kind of feel...

As those boats gathered on the
Starting line, temperatures began
To climb, the taste of salt was in
the air, a Hope was that of care
On their mark all sailors were there.....

The bell rang out the forty mile race
The ships sailed in a direction
To greet the distant shore in a special
Seafaring attraction...

Midway in this race, a tempest arose
fearless in might, the sunshine suddenly
Slipt from sight.

Four vessels collide and vanish out of sight!
The sailors were saved by the smallest boat,
Somehow still a float....

Wind and watery Brime started furiously to
Climb. The Gale was faced with sailors turning
Pale yet they continued to sail.
The race no longer mattered as wind and rain

Seven out of 20 boats came back that day,
Not one person lost to the tempest's wail....
What started as a peaceful day, ended up
A dangerous sail.
All was accounted for, all was
mighty lucky... No one failed!

A blessing in disguise, from The ultimate
Power of the skies, safe and sound,
With both feet on the ground, the ring
of the shores bells, was a chime that
Rang out swell..

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Nautical Sail