Homage Paid to Nature's Kind

Winter now holds the land.
A territory of ice and snow.
The wind speaks of the earth
as grey skies show...

I hear the sleeping sounds of
the Arctic wastelands blast.
Where life is dormant and steadfast...

Frosting windows holds the scene
Like outcast figures of a northern
movie screen.

Tall figures of the forest line
Projects the images of Elms and

Hidden on a hills decline.
only twilight offers the spirits glow
Standing boldly in the snow.....
Watching intense Winter's flow.

The artist looks all around,
It's stunning beauty.....
Will be found...
Elusive prey softly
Strays, captured in
The light of day.

Now tucked away,
Within my mind.
Homage paid to
Nature's kind...

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Homage Paid to Nature`s Kind