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Rainy days of winter has left me in a daze!
I somehow know the roads will turn to ice!
When the temperature drops, in its zero phase.
Not much can be changed,  for the storm will 

A heavy gloss will fill the scene, and icebound
Trees will pay the cost, with lacy bits of frost.
No rainbows adorn the skies. No birds bathe 
In drops that fly. 
No warming sun or summer fun to dry the rain.
Just crystal art on window panes, that freeze 
The outdoor drains.

It's not too bad,  its nature's art,
it clings then briefly darts.
A brief Masterpiece as it quickly 
Departs.  A cozy fire pops and crackle will 
Light the room and warm the chill.
All of nature has its ways to fill our hearts
Desires of nature's frill... 

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Nature`s Frill