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The Lake of Ice

The lake is solid ice.
Winds wisp the snow on the surface smoother,
a silence that gently soothes...
Once the waters held my fishing boat now nothing 
stays afloat.
The Moonlight shines on its icy reflection. Once frozen
The lake and land become one connection.

I've walked the shores in the summer heat, I felt the
wet sand bind my feet. Now the north winds sing 
It's song. Blizzards in the skies and on the ground,
Then marks the seasons in mystic sounds.
Father Winter makes his rounds.

Keep the light of snows fresh fall, in sterling silver clouds
that fairs above, holding the hands of nature's love, warming
In wild weathers glove.
Do you see the beauty on the wing, the fading hours that
 Angels bring...

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The Lake of Ice (revise)