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In a secluded mountainous region lived
A scientist and his wife. He developed
a time machine, that would lift the two
From strife.

One stormy night he vanished, never to
return, friends, and family searched for
Him, at home they kept the candles to "slow"

Now he traveled through time and space, with
Elegance and ease and visited the countless
Moments on that memorable summer breeze.
His hours of past and future was tinted with
Lonely pleas, he ends his travel in the forest
Of countless trees....

Stuck in time where Kings and Kingdoms, lived
By the sword and might, and stronghold unsettling
Fights. As his fate would have it he was a man
Regarded by the King. His science and wisdom was
The gift that he did bring.

(Does he adjust? Does he ?? That remains in part II
To be seen)

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