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Jasper knew he needed to go back in time to stop
This murderous crime. He would head to his machine
and try to make this day clean!

Running to his time machine, he pushes full throttle.
Hours before the attack he stands in mountains to
Find the hidden enemy and places sleeping powder
In their drinking bottles.

Soon tucked away in undisturbed sleep. The Marauders
Slept as the Jasper created!
Taking the all weapons Back with him on his time Machine,
leaving them in without a single arrow. 

He returns to his forest hiding place, canceling it all without
A trace! The tournament ends,  a Celebration for Britannia
and friends. The best part of this tale, that the worse that 
Could hap fail? Now Jasper exhaled! 

In a place far from his time, family and home, he was able 
To see tragedy prevention, with the hope of goodwill extension.
The Marauders were pleasant after their sleep and forgot
Their devious plan, and crossed the mountains to their home
Land.  Jasper missed his home, but so relieved that all the people
Still, Stand!!!  In the time of Kingdoms so grand. 

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