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Only love grows in this garden.
The earth Nevers hardens.
Each flower rises to greet the sun
Each bud is softly stroked with warm
Fresh air, the steady hand of the
Gardeners care!

In days and nights where only peace ignites
The budding flower flaming rights. Sun and rain
and rich dark earth has offerered one lasting budding
Where God and Angels hold the chance to find the seed of
Of love that does enhance, a golden flow of circumstance.

Only love grows here, in light a beacon that fills the night.
To strengthen roots within the sod, and tenderly touch the face
Of God.
A garden of hope grows near, where weeds are plucked with saintly
Care to shine a light of life when blessings share, the warm and
purity of holy air.

Would faith grow close? Would charity accompany in this earth,
Would man walk the windswept fields? Is the future filled with
What the sacred bounty yeilds? When then we can cherish the value
Of united fields.

Yes, it all begins in this garden of love, where blessings flow
From the Great Above!

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Love Grows in this Garden