Hope is Needed

Rainy days gather woes
The tears of Heaven follows
Where ever the wind blows.

Days of clouds that call out
Loud hover in puddles of winters
Pain, so be prepared for flooding

Melancholy hours draw near, in this
Time of year. It will pass, soon, and
Take with it the gloom! Reach for the
Light of the sun, let this drizzle, fizzle
and be done.

When the rainbows glow in the end
Mother Nature reminds us that rain
Is still a friend.

Green grass and full swaying trees
Lush flowers that feed our bees, in
The spring that brings forth newness
and hope, and vibrant scenes of a

So it will rain and it snow, the wind might
follow in fury, eventually, it will
Will dwindle, and move on out like a rolling

Sing a melody of approaching spring. Life
Regenerates to the tune we sing.
Hope is a needed thing, watch for the Robin
On the wing!

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Hope is Needed