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Lone Wolf Called Loneliness
The summer night was restless and clear.
In the woods, a lone wolf stood near.
I see him pacing, my heart was racing
His intentions were clear...

Walking to place where I stand
I gently hold out my hand, I show
No fear...
He walked very near, he meant no
His kindness was clear...

I was a child of the wild, very close
to nature, my heart's emotion was
strong, but also mild.
The wolf and I was one of the same,
Loneliness was his rightful name.

We lived together and walked the night
and slept in the day.
In a little shack with a roof for hay.
We prepared for winter preserved some
Food, life with his company was a comfort
So good.

The winter arrived, ice wind and snow by the
Feet we weathered its fury by the firers heat.
There was a mighty storm that took us by surprise
It took my friend's life, and nearly took mine,
It left me heartbroken in the worst of times.

Years later I have a big home, young
children to raise, but I still think 
of the friend in these days.
He was no longer called Loneliness.
I knew at the end...
He was my hope and only

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Lone Wolf Called Loneliness (Reprise I)