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Deep within my grief reminds me
Of the days I looked out for you.
You said you felt safe to be by
Your big sister, years later you
Stood tall, and I looked so small.

Time changed us, but the sunburnt
Face was still a beam of light, you
Could bring the day to night, your
laughter filled my heart, with joy
From your start.

Silk flowers on your grave, this time
Time was in the Maker's Hands, where
Life and death closely stand.
I asked why, but that answer never
Follows, I felt apart of my heart
Flee, in protest, my grief swims shallow
This sorrow slowly crafts the gallows.

My brother would be broken-hearted, if
He saw the tracks of our tears, he would
Want peace to fill  our hearts,  and empty out
All Fears.

Grief is unpredictable it has no place to
Dwell, but when it's faced it releases
It's heartless spell. So I'm never alone
Today has struck a spark, I held the memories
Of your smile and fought with legend might!
Now I know I hold your memory, in hope will
Stand to shake your loving hand.

You lived with passion, you lived with wisdom
You lived with a heart so kind, so someday I will
Leave this grief behind, and walk with you again,
When Heaven's door I find.

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When Heaven`s Door I Find