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A Dolphins Family Tears 2/ Brother Orca is Freed

The cries of the Dolphins drew their pod near
Mournful cries Captain Jackie hears.
The ship ahead revealed their brother Orca
Displayed dead, Hanging from a rafter on
This nearing ship. The Dolphins gather
Pod after pod, keeping distant from the
Killer ship little did that ship Know how
This day would go.

Like a fleet, A Line of Battle forge
The Dolphins unite in a vengeful grip!
The tears of these mammals for their kin
would free their brother bringing him back
to the sea again.
Brother Orca once brave and bold
would lay to rest
From the fishermen's hold.

Captain Jackie halted his ship he watches
As the Dolphins advance, they struck with
Legend might, and the fishing ship sunk from
Captain Jackie's sight!
What's this brother orca is still alive!!!
Hurt badly, will he survive?

(More to come in part 3 The loving family
That swims free. Dolphins awareness month
Is here, their freedom must remain clear)

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A Dolphins Family Tears 2/ Brother Orca is Freed