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Ladies and Gentlemen,
I bring welcomed news.
Established from many

Break open the aged
Apple orchards wine
Pull up a seat so we
May dine.

Open your mind let the
Creative thoughts flow
In this moment a humble
Dignity will show.

We have a responsibility to one
Another to care for our sister
And brother.
There will be a time when we all
Comes together, and no longer face
Stormy weather.

The light of Angels fills every room
All burdens are vanquished including gloom.
To walk through the Pearly gates, we
Will know that heaven awaits!

His commandments we must abide, They
Almighty left them for our guide.
Stay kind and wise, walk with no
Disguise, a God loving soul is destined
For Paradise.

Let the purity of
The human spirit ..................
Good news from the Good Book, will
Certainly, abide.....

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Good News