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Exit the back door as you go!
Make sure the screen door latch
My peeps on the closed in porch are
Ready to hatch, don't want to see
Unexpected creatures wandering about.
Raccoons are hard to chase out!

Many chores need to be done, before the
The rise of the sun, but many more remain
I just hope it doesn't rain, my arthritis
Is burning its flame!

Yes, I see the Old Farmer in the Dale he
Walking the old cow trail.
He's up before the sun, he works all day,
But his work is never done!

White winters leave the barn full,
Hot summers leave the grass dry,
But the animals are content, my hours
With them are well spent.

Life on the farm will surely tone the
Arm. Countless hours of care is needed
Everywhere. So break out and boots and
Comb your hair, a whole world waits for
You there.

Life on this old farm is a warm and loving
Charm, It is up to the farmer to keep his
Cattle from harm!
So if you have little to do, come spend time
With me, you'll lose track of the day, when
You're Busy baling hay!

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Busy Bailing Hay