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Never say never they say.
It is a word that can
Get in the way.

Now I'm curious to know
Where this may go, so I'll
Let my inquisitive mind flow.

Now "never" is the balance
That can place the foot in the
Mouth, it's true I just pulled
Out my shoe!

Never is a word of force, it
Usually will run its course,
When faced with meaning, I'm
Faced with its cleaning and
It will put a smudge and your
Faced with the drudge.

Like for instance: I'll never
Do that, but I did, I'll never
Say that, but I did! So if your
Not sure, keep the word usage
Pure, and whatever, try to not
Use "never" as a cure!
Because never, you see, can truly
Be the opposite, of what you say,
So it's no big deal, just keeping
It real, we may not be able to
Express what we feel.

So it's not you or I under scrutiny
Here, it is a word of the division you
see, a word that will (never) be?
The word that got away from me.

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Never Say Never