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A storm is brewing up a fuss.
This winter is enough to make
A Godly person cuss!
I won't say it or display it,
My cabin fever is cutting like
A sharp cleaver.

Wind and snow picks its route
No need to pout. It is the way
Winter plays, it works around
And all about. It doesn't care
If you scream or shout.

It's the weather, not some
fluffy feather, choose and
You're sure to lose, it does n't care
If you sing the blues.

The fall is full of tapestry colors, 
The Spring with the new birth beings.
Summer shines and glistens fine, its
Heat can bring a soul to shine.

In high humidity and sizzling heat we'll
Walk the beaches in our bare feet.
Always want more, we seldom see what is
Outside our door!
So live each day as though it is the last
and winter will leave quite fast!

Pulling out the baseball gear, time to ready
For another year. Catch the moment and spread
The cheer. Another storm is nothing to fear.
It is a part any time of year.

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