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When love was all

Fast rivers flow by waterfalls,

Where we first met and love was all,

A flimsy dress that caught the wind,

A bed of grass, a midnight swim.

Do I remember? Yes I do,

The stars, the night, the moon and you,

In heaven's arms I quite forgot,

How far to go and when to stop.

But 'twas not I alone beguiled,

For I recall soft flesh on fire,

The plea for love at any price,

What fools we were, but what a night.

Charm, attract, entice, enchant,

Woo, bewitch, deceive, entrap.

A lover's list to break the heart.

But did we care? No, we did not.

Fast rivers still flow where we lay,

And I'd go back there any day,

The river bank, the waterfall,

The girl, the night, when love was all.


© Joseph G Dawson