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Feel The Rhythm

Feel The Rhythm

I hear the sound of the busy street.
Sounds of children laughing and the
The forward motion of walking feet!

I love the rhythm of daylight motion
Creates a happy emotion.
Sway and dance to this beat, get up
and move your feet!
We can dance but if you prefer to run
Make sure it's just for fun!

Feel the tune that passes by, you might
Feel you did. It would be one thing
That keeps child play on the grid!
Take your burdens and through them high
They will scatter and pass you by.

"What's this, you ask me why? Live a little
Before we meet in the by and by!"
Live life fully, you may not defy
That dances like this will help us
grow wings to fly!

One more time around the block,
Don't worry about that annoying
I'm in trouble now my Grandchildren
Begin to flock.
It's time to disappear, or We'll have
A "white jacket talk!"

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Feel The Rhythm