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Deity of Love 2 (Miracles Comes their Way)

It was a day that the Kingdom would remember.
The Knights pulled together to search for resources
That would bring strength to the people.
Distant Lands Came to their aid
Bringing hope so the grip of pestilence would fade.

Deep in the forest grew a Lily it was a rare flower
Of healing, it was not all that appealing.
If you follow the wild bore tracks, you would
Find the secluded patch of "The Lily Black."
When hands placed on this flower where it grew, the
Power of  healing came forth a reaction that summoned
Good health, it was a flower greater than wealth.

Hours passed in their search in the forest the Men
needed  their rest and their weariness was put
To the test.
So deep in that forest, those men lay sleeping while the
Prayers of the Kingdom continued, faith was in their
The Captian of the Guard was pacing when he saw
An opening filled with flowers, as he approaches a soft
Spray of rain showers.  He sees amongst the colors of 
Roses  and Daisies, the Lily that heals, yes, that flower
Was real.

He returned to his men, woke them up and gave them the 
News,  it was said that flower could not be picked, but  a
Simple hold with both hands would make the walkless stand.
So they touched the flower with hope  and years and tears
Washed away!   The Queen was lead there that day her loving
Heart became strong, her Noble health returns there in that 
Opening among the flowers and ferns.

Yes more of the Kingdom would come this way and the people 
Will remember not just this day but the Miracle that came to stay!
(To be continued .....)

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Deity of Love 2 (Miracles Comes their Way) Reprise