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Malinda was so grateful that she could see!
The world was full of many amazing sights,
She would soak up the sun, and gaze at the
Stars in the silent night.

She created a dress for her Queen, one that has
Not ever, been seen. A collar of Pearls and velvet
Sheen. Some say stardust and lunar light, was woven
In its bell-like flow, the sleeves held the shine
Of silver shavings of diamonds mesmerizing glow.
This dress would not fade, its special gift, she
Gladly made.
It kept a protective quality, when worn, safe within
It was completed, goodwill was included sown and pleated.

Each, Knight received gold gloves that held the hands
With warming love. Her thankful heart had given her
resource of enchanted care and placed it in each golden
Pair. She brought her thank you gifts to the Castle gates
Beyond them, her carrying Queen and Knights await.

Her gifts helped the Kingdom grow, the golden gloves
Helped build the Cathedral and reinforced the Kingdoms
Wall, with hard work and care the Kingdoms future
Was beautiful and fair!

Yes, this is the end a fairy tale, my friend.
Life challenges will not end, but what we do
Will extend, all deeds are judged in the end.
It does not take magic or healing flowers, just
Faith in The one true Power. All is possible
Through Him!
Faith and Love is true, it must shine from me and
In all we say and, do.

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Deity of Love 4 (A Thankful Heart)