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Old Man winter has put up a fight.
He squealed and brought on the white.
The wind and he danced around and left
Us with a lot more snow on the ground!

I've got many more aches and pains that
Haunts me in the snow or rain, so I'm
Taking this with ease, and praying for
The return of a soft springtime breeze!

If the weather chooses to be mean, I 
Can merely sit behind the scene, and keep
My cantankerous self cuss-free and spiritually

It could all be over soon, and I'll sit barefooted
By the fresh waters of the blue lagoon!
No big deal, just another snowman holding my broom!
Seems to me a few snowballs can  reset this gloom
and let this day be happy and free.....

On with the snow gear, ready to see.
Oh WOW, just sunk in a snow drift by our old oak tree!
I hope no one saw that, cause I just made a fool out
Of me...a big imprint of me is there for my neighbors to see.
Well to be on the bright side, it got a laugh out of me!

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Old Man Winter Puts Up a Fight