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In the sleeping forest lies,
A pair of glowing eyes....
From behind A Banshee
blood-curdling screams
The Woodsman nightmarish dream!

Standing Approximately fifteen
Feet tall this monster of the
Ages bleed the pages, of a
Cannibalistic history of horror
and mystery.

Ice engulfs its image a heart of
Solid ice, is within and among the
An ingested human that they devour.
Tolerated cold makes them stronger
By the hour.

The Woodsman is continually stalked
By this unclean abomination,  Wendigo is pushed
Into starvation, once human but now another
Mutation, he is determined to destroy the
Hellish creation.

Rendered helpless by standard firearms and
Knives,  his solid ice heart must be totally 
Destroyed!  It will send him back to his dark

Wendigo will fight with all its might, but the
Woodsman will prevail, at the end blazes a fire
A flame they fear, a silver spear will shatter 
His heart.  This time the monster won't end
What he starts.
At last, his prey becomes the victor that day.

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Wendigo 2