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 Rain Dance

The rain dances in the wind, tapping on the rooftops
Sliding down to flow to the restless sea.
Bare and colorless trees drink for future budding leaf,
Dormant grass finds relief.

The voice of spring is silent still, but her soft eyes view 
With determine will.
She stands at the forefront of season's soul and watches
For the sacred scroll.

Waters of Heaven on high speaks with  growing love.
Drifting in a peaceful state,  time kisses the hands
Of fate.
Restless cabin fever  speaks and prays for regal
Light, and holds the promise of freedoms sight.

When rain sways in rhythms stepping dance new
Life rebounds with more than chance.
The clouds lift in times of gloom and bring color
In priceless bloom.

The thirst of waters quest, makes rain a welcome
The birds return to regain zest, to display the Robins
Dew will gather and bring all shadows to sullen rest.

Rain dance now thrives
When rainbow dives
And sunshine

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Rain Dance