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*Mans Best Friend *
Many dogs I loved and raised.
The large breed and miniature 
The closest friends, their loyalty
Was a quality that always amazes!

Camping was a pass time a small
Avalon cozy camper.  It was home 
In the wild, it was cleaned and polished
twice a year, a place of swimming and
Fishing near. 

One year we Brought Miss Muffin our
Minature Toy Yorkie.
She had the heart of a Warrior Princess
She was brave and ruthless ornery
and corky.

She was all of seven pounds.
Nothing stopped her standing her ground.
She didn't like the practice of
Some people to let their dogs roam.
All week long a German Shepard
Would show on our campsite, so
Miss Muffin  stopped barking and
and started to bite!

Well to make a long story short We 
And Miss Muffin had to go to court.
The 74  pound German Shepard had
An expensive Veterinarian bill.
When I think of that day, I still get 
A chill. 

Miss Muffin was doing her job, protecting 
Her home when the German Shepard decided 
To take her food from her bowl.

Miss Muffin was an angry old soul!
She jumped on his head and bit his
Poor ears, it was my imagination 
But I thought the squirrels were starting
To cheer!

The poor dog fell to the ground,
and Miss Muffin still jumped 
Around, it wasn't good enough
The poor dog was hurt, she 
Continued to kick dirt with her
Hind legs, all over his face, for 
The bigger shocker, she lifted one leg
And tinkled in his space!

Miss Muffin was no means a lady,
That day, I told the dogs owner the
Vets bill I would pay.
The court ordered that the German Shepard
Be placed on a chain, for his protection,
It all worked out, 74 pounds of that poor dog,
no longer walks in Miss Muffins direction!
( That poor dog's owner and us became the best of
Friends. This true story now ends)

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Mans Best Friend