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Profound Grace (Reprise)

Now is the time to gather pieces
of the shattered heart.
Somewhere in the beginning, or
End stands an unlikely friend.
That friend knows no triumph 
Or a disaster, it walks with.....
The pace of a slow turtle overcoming
Each hurtle.

This friend has a warm and loving 
Face. They stand by your side
They desire no other place!
Who is this friend that follows in
A solitary slide? Do they hold you
Up, when you prefer to hide?
Do they swing low or softly guide?
Are happiness and sorrow taken in a
Patient stride?

Is this apart of the whole they bring forth
the strength of the ages, the voice in ink
That reveals spoken pages.
The other side stands by pride, casting 
Out the shadow, becoming the guide.

Lost, yet, not forgotten it springs to caress 
The soul, to soothe the quivering 
Hand, the friend connects with love,
Then passes to you, on the wings of 
Pure white Dove.

A Guardian Angel is seldom viewed, yet, Gods 
Gift to you has warmly renewed.
Hope  now gathers in the place, where halos 
Shine from their holy face...
Endless waves of his Profound Grace, now 
Welcomes you in the rightful place...

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Profound Grace (Reprise)